Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My plan for next week

         I have a plan that I want to carry out for next week and I am calling it the first annual 100 Acts of Christmas Spirit. I plan to see if I can go around town and give Christmas spirit every where I go. I have had my own spirit cranked up this season but of course parts are stressful-  like shopping, Christmas cards, planning/scheduling, just keeping up with everything, etc. So I decided to take a week and celebrate in a way that would give me great pleasure.

 Ideas that I have come up with so far are:

*make small cards with candy attached and pass them out to strangers on cars, in mailboxes, leave them at  
  the book store on shelves, where ever.

*Go to Petsmart where the cats are all up for adoption and donate money to CAPS. Leave some catnip in
   each cage.

* Give money to a different charity everyday for a week

* Practice as many random acts of kindness as I can think of during the week

* Leave some catfood where I know that ferrell cats are living (Can you tell I love cats?)

*Buy coffee for people at my favorite coffee place- Moka Joe's- say the next three people to go through       the drive thru

*Write thank you notes to people who serve me- mailman, grocery, bank, hair, doctors, etc.

I'm still working on my plans. Today I bought candy. Tomorrow I will work on cards. I hope to be ready by next week.

What I would really like is anyone who knows me or just hears about this, to participate with me. Think about how many people are out there just on facebook. What if each person did just 5 things to improve Christmas for someone or something else? Can you imagine what an impact that would have? It would be magic! So if you have some good ideas that you are willing to share-  please leave them in the comments section so we can all perculate our plans for next week!

Thank you for considering this! I can't wait to hear how this goes!


  1. Today while I was in town I thought of two more things I can do. Put out birdseed in the Target parking lot for the little birds who scrounge for french fries. I'll be sure to leave it in a safe area so they don't get hit by cars.
    The second idea came when mailing my packages. The poor people working behind the counter were swamped and people were not being very nice. I bought them candy canes and I intend to write them a little note to let them know they are appreciated!
    Do you have any other ideas?

  2. I LOVE this! I'm going to do it, just don't know what yet! I'll let you know if I come up with anything original!

  3. Great ideas ... I think the closer we get to Christmas the more stressed and cranky the public seem to get. I have a feeling things will present themselves to you more as you go along!
    My idea to add: Smile and say Hi/Happy Holidays to every person you encounter in a 30 minute time frame. I Think this will be best in a mall or grocery store especially if the person is a stressed out mom trying to shop WITH 2 young kids;)
    Can't wait to hear how things go!

  4. I've been looking through comments on facebook and here are some of the suggestions that came up!

    Pay for the order behind you in a drivethrough

    Over tip a waitress

    Volunteer to read to an elementary school

    Help serve at a soup kitchen

    Leave nice surprises for your neighbors even just a note

    old blankets, towels, bowls to local animal shelter

    Take 30 minutes and smile and wish Happy Holidays to everyone you come in contact with

    Volunteer to help an elderly person get ready- gift wrap, offer shopping, whatever

    I think we are brewing some great ideas here!

  5. 1. check with your local elementary school to see if they have a family they are helping for Christmas, donate items or funds to help.
    2. call an area retirement home and volunteer your time, send Christmas cards, many residents do not get visitors.
    3. don't forget the Volunteer fire department, they work for nothing and someone is always on duty. . . . donate snacks or movies

  6. I am going to print this list and follow suit. It is such a beautiful idea, it brought tears to my eyes!!

  7. I am very glad to hear some of you are going to do it too!