Friday, March 30, 2012

Blessings Flowing!

Many blessings have been flowing in for this month!

I am very grateful for-

* Another Farm Bureau Sales Conference has successfully concluded.
* Had a great visit with my Sister and Dad in Charlotte
* Really enjoyed the Michael Jackson Circ soleil show- It was amazing!
* Had a great time painting spring flowers
* Got my yard ready for spring
* I mostly kept up with my class assignments
* The daffodils that are growing along Gum Branch Road
* The beautiful blooms on the Bradford Pear Trees all over town
* Getting a new cd player for my car that works and sounds great!
* Getting my vaccum fixed and finding out there's no cost because it's under warrantee!
* Being able to breathe after having a terrible head cold
* Receiving beautiful ATC's from my Fly Girl's Group
* Reconnecting with former students from SouthWest Edgecombe High School through
* Great Coffee with friends
*  Love from my family and support from my friends
* Drove a dog sled while in Canada
* Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Banff
* My fur babies and bird who missed me like crazy
* Being able to squeeze my son!

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