Friday, September 23, 2011

I continue to work an hour a day on my big studio clean out. It has been a long drawn out process but I am having some good results. I took 10 boxes of stuff this week and donated them to charity! My goal is to continue this one hour a day until October 9th when the Ikea Space Challenge ends with On that day I am going to declare that I am finished except for getting the new furniture and setting it up. I will then have a general maintenance plan so that it never gets like this again.

     I have learned from this experience that I have been living with the leftovers of my school teacher mentality. My years of using parts of my salary to provide supplies for my students taught me to live in a state of lacking. My mindset has been there will never be enough supplies so I should save and reuse. I have learned this past year that I prefer to live in a State of Abundance! So I am sharing my wealth with others who may need it and I am looking forward to winning the contest. I can finally have the studio I always wanted! I have cut out pictures for years of what I would like for my studio and it's very interesting, the look is always the same. I didn't even know Ikea existed yet!

     Two days ago I had a visitor in my studio who startled me with his unannounced presence. I went to lift a box and there he was and moving fast! I thought I would add his photo to the updated photos of my space so you can see him. He 's a pretty good looking guy and it is fun to watch him change colors when he blends in with a new background! I prefer no more surprises though!

So I'm off to do my hour. I'll crank up my stereo and get working! If you haven't voted yet I can really use your support!, Ikea Space Challenge! Thanks for your support!


  1. So glad you have cleared space for you to create! Have fun ~ linked with Creative Everyday ~ namaste, Carol ( Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor ~ ^_^