Thursday, October 13, 2011



I am grateful this week for:

1. My studio purged and looking better waiting for new furniture when I win (I hope!) the Ikea Space Challenge. Even if I don't win, I won because my studio has been purged of lots of stuff! Lots of it went to charity and the rest to trash. The contest has made the process fun and made me stick with it! Thank you to for offering this challenge.

2. My turtle, Starla, that I painted for the Surf City Art Guild in order to raise money for the Karen Beasley Turtle Hospital in Surf City, N.C. raised $1600.00 at the auction. My mission for my art is I want it to make a difference in the world. I hope many sea turtles are helped by my small contribution. I really enjoyed being a part of something bigger than me!

3. My health returning. I had a scare last week with my left eye slightly bulging, which led to a cat scan, that led to extra doctor's appointments and then no where. We are going to keep an "eye on it." I find that funny-"keep an eye on it." This could be an early thyroid problem but then again it might not.  Either way, I am better than I was three years ago when my whole system crashed so it's all good.

4. I unloaded the kiln and all my commission pieces look okay so I am ready to start glazing!

5. All of the opportunities to work with special teachers this year. I finally met Alyson Stanfield and Christine Kane both who I have followed and studied with for years. On-line classes with Carol Tuttle, Kelly Rae Roberts, Jennifer Louden, Tara Gentile, Deepak Chopra, Laura Hollick, Shiloh McCloud, Pam Carriker, Jodi Ohl, Todd Henry and Jennifer Lee. I have learned so much and grown in amazing ways from studying with these amazing people. I love how the internet has made the world much smaller.

6. My PEEPs, you have kept me in the game when I thought I wouldn't be able to go on. Your support for me and my art is amazing. Thank you for supporting me through my illness the last three years. Finding out I had fibromyalgia and a faulty pituitary gland was very hard, to say the least. We got through it together and now I am ready to go. No more sickness driving my bus- I am in charge and ready to go!

7. Meeting my Fab Four Group in Charlotte. It has been a great joy to have you to "mastermind" with. I look forward to our accomplishments in 2012. You girls are awesome!

I could go on, but I'd be writing a book. My heart is full of love and I am very grateful for everything. Hope you have a great week!


  1. Great list. A little gratitude everyday is a good thing.

  2. Thanks! I totally agree with you. No matter what happens we should always take time for gratitude!