Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letter To My Muse

Dear Muse,

         I wanted to take a moment and write you this letter to say thank you for all the inspiration you have given me along my journey here on Earth!
I know I have not always been able to act on it; especially when the wild woman took my place these last three years. I have come back and she has been asked to leave, hopefully never to return. I plan to stand beside you and listen to your guidance. Together, we will forge a new path and will create many beautiful things together. Our time together will be amazing!
       So as we move forward into our new future, I promise to take good care of my body and to keep myself open to your voice. We will work side by side to make art that inspires others. The world will be a more beautiful place to live and we will remind others to be grateful for all that the Creator has given to us. I hope that in the end you will be very proud of our accomplishments together.
                                                             With much love in my heart,

       An exercise from the Divine Spark 90 day Muse practice with Shiloh McCloud at  

1 comment:

  1. Pat..what a lovely letter and one that I'm sure will touch your muse. (mine just returned from a hiatus happy she is back) I love the photo...did you do that? Beautiful!!

    I visited with Shiloh at the Red thread cafe as you suggested...what a great concept. It is wonderful to have friends that you can go to for advice, inspiration, rejuvenation or just to bounce things around. I'm blessed to have a few heart strings of my own.

    Loved visiting with you today.