Friday, February 24, 2012

In Gratitude and Love

In Gratitude and Love for-

    my family for their love and support
    my dog Maxwell who loves me unconditionally
    the beautiful weather we have been having
    the flowers in my yard
    friends who support me
    my health(other than the horrible head cold)
    my cats who put hair everywhere
    Sunny, my sun conure, who sings to me
    the lizard who lives in my studio
    the wonderful teachers that are helping my dreams to grow
    Facebook friends and groups
    the de-cluttering I have accomplished this month
    Moka Joe's family
    our home- I will miss it.
    our new town we will be moving to- Wilmington, N.C.
    my son Austin for growing into a man
    clarity and focus
    new opportunities that lie ahead
    My closet that is now 6 bags lighter and looking good!

Have you made a gratitude list lately?


  1. How lovely to have an art education.When I was a young woman I didn't think of art at all.Wish I would have now that I'm much much older.Being an R.N. was all I cared about,other than My family of course.I only worked though a tiny bit when I found out how much I adored being a house wife.Now at 59 ,kids grown ,I love art-Your new follower-Denise,Visit me anytime :)

  2. I am glad to hear that you are taking time to love art! It is never too late to jump in and play with it. Amazing things can happen when you put your hands in paint! I will visit you! Thanks for stopping by!