Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission Possible

   My mission is to be a spiritual Teacher/Artist, making colorful art and sharing ways with others to help heal the world. I want my legacy to be that I inspired others to see the good in the world even though it seems hard to find. I hope to empower others to use their personal gifts and talents in order impact positive change.

     I am calling you out. What are your special talents? How can you share them with others? Give the gift of yourself this month. Don't worry about judgement. It's okay to be silly or embarrassed. It can be big or small. You have a unique super talent to share. Maybe you bake cookies, or help someone learn to read, or you garden, the list can get really long! Think of one thing that you can do and go do it!


  1. Pat, You ARE a spiritual teacher/artist, in so many ways. Your art is vibrant and inspiring and your encouraging. Loved your post!

    Teresa Erwin

  2. I agree - so important to share your talents!