Friday, February 10, 2012

Something I Am Passionate About!

    I am passionate about color! I love seeing it and using it in all of its shades and forms. I can be paint, markers, glazes, or yarn. It doesn't matter. Color is awesome! I especially love the way color is used in Nature. Animals and plant life speak to me in ways that are amazing. I remember as a little girl learning about angels. I have always said that if I can become an angel I want the job of designing animals-especially fish, and plants. I look at a tropical fish and wonder. How do the scales know when to change colors? How do the hairs on a cat know its time to show stripes? I hope to always be aware of the many beautiful parts that make up things.
 This week I hope that you will set your intention to notice the small little things that surround you. Look at their beauty and really soak it all in. I guess this means we can't watch the news channels this week! Let us enjoy Nature instead.

1 comment:

  1. we share the same artistic vision, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you - LOVE that yours is on the aquatic side!